Great sales specialist, highly recommended
Peter is very knowledgeable on motorcycles and not pushy when it comes to sales. He really listened to me when I discussed how I was just starting to ride again and had surgeries on my back and had to sell my Harley b/c for a period of time I could not walk. When I finally became mobile Peter told me about a Softail that was very low to the ground that would be a perfect fit. it was my first bike after not riding for about 5-6 years. After two years of riding the softail I ended up with a Street Glide Special. I highly recommend Peter in sales. Even tho I have moved about 4 hours away from GB, the next time I upgrade my Harley, I will be traveling back to GB Vandervest HD to talk to Peter. The whole staff at this HD store is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Over-all this is the best HD store around in my opinion (and I have been to many stores over the years). (Employee: Peter Hacker)
Steven Reilly
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