While I am quite pleased with your dealership, there is one complaint I do have. In early March I purchased a used FLHT and agreed to the extended service contract. Two days later I changed my mind and called Linda Yaedke to let her know I wanted to cancel this plan as per allowed in the contract. On March 17th, I came in to pick up the trike and gave her a signed letter cancelling the plan. She said she would take care of it (which she didn't). After a month and not hearing from HDFS I called your dealership and was told she no longer worked there and never submitted the paperwork. Per the contract, if I cancelled within the first 30 days there would be no charges. Now I don't know what this will cost me when it finally does go through. All my other experiences with your people have been great. (Employee: Cy Martz, Paulie Gagan, Kate Wagner)
Carl Muffler
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