Great visit
On a Tuesday morning my girlfriend and I were trying to figure out where to ride the bike to. Living in marshfield with the vandervest family buying the dealer in Wausau we decided to check out the dealership in Green Bay. Needless to say a 2+ hour ride there in April had us pretty chilled. After getting fit for a new half helmet which is why we went there in the first place we were able to find a few extra layers, and staff who were incredibly friendly and accommodating to us. They were more then willing to help, and were incredibly inviting. Before we left i had to go back in so we could find a good place to eat lunch around the football stadium, and again the staff were above and beyond helpful. One even was so glad I walked back in because she forgot to give me the April helmet discount you were running, and she was very upset with herself for missing this! Needless to say I was incredibly impressed with the building, the selection, and the staff. Im looking forward to the vandervest family running the (now) Bull Falls Harley-Davidson! I hope they expand the dealership and put people in that building that are just as nice and great to work with as the people in Green Bay. I will definitely make sure I find my way over there to visit again in the future! Keep up the great work, and good luck in Rothschild!
Jesse Goutermont
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