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Made a clothing purchase on 12/20/18 at 4:01 pm that came to $140.00 after my 25% discount. Happy with my purchase and discount. But when at the counter getting checked out, the experience was not so pleasant. There was a gentlemen in front of me that had some kind of issue with the discount he got and she was very pleasant with him and fixed the issue and gave him the 25% discount even though he didnt have the coupon, which I thought was great! I waited patiently for her to do this transaction. But when it was my turn, I dont know why, but she was actually rude to me. I asked for a gift receipt and 2 boxes for the gifts I purchased. She basically snapped at me that they were low on boxes so for the t-shirt, she had to give me a small box, which was so small, I could not fit it in the box when wrapping it. I did see there were a lot of larger boxes there. Then she forgot to give me the gift receipt, so I asked her politely for it, and she acted really annoyed that I wanted it and had to go back in the computer to get it. At the end, I asked for my free calendar since my purchase was owner $25.00, she basically slammed it on the counter. Your store was not busy at the time and there was no one in line behind me. I realize its a stressful, busy time of year, but there is no reason I had to feel like an inconvenience to her. I was friendly with her and patiently waited my turn. I didnt even get a thank you for shopping at your business. My husband and I have been shopping at your business and the one in Peshtigo when it was open for years and I never experienced this type of customer service before. I even tried to make friendly conversation with her during my transaction and that didnt even get a response from her. I dont usually give negative surveys since I work in a customer service position myself and know how this can affect your yearly raise, bonus, job, etc.. but when u received your email in this survey, I decided to respond because my experience with her left a very negative feeling with me!!! I find this ask for anything that should have stressed her out like this. And in return, has me thinking about going elsewhere to purchase any additional Harley apparel or parts for our bike. I dont want her to loose her job or anything like that, just want you to be aware that she did not give the customer service that she should have and did put a huge damper on the rest of my evening of Christmas shopping and trying to enjoy the Christmas spirit!!
Belinda Lane
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